837th [Photo of the Day] - A present from Mothusi. Apparently Oakland is a very, very dense element.

836th [Photo of the Day] - At my first NFL game — Bears vs. Niners @ Levi’s Stadium w/ Prashant, Ravi, @pavyedav, and @allkickstand. Just an awesome experience all around. Shoutout to Snoop Dogg and Brandon Marshall.

835th [Photo of the Day] - Friday evening in the Mission

834th [Photo of the Day] - “You can check-out any time you like,
But you can never leave!”

833rd [Photo of the Day] - The view looking south from Arch Rock, Point Reyes w/ Michel, Michael, and Una

832nd [Photo of the Day] - Coffee and wine with @nrjjj and @pavyedav at Mojo Bicycle Cafe

831st [Photo of the Day] - Vivek and Sriranjani’s First Dance at Levi’s’ Stadium

830th [Photo of the Day] - So … had a Jell-O shot with @alphabetenergy folks earlier today.

829th [Photo of the Day] - At the A’s and Angels game w/ @kitdesai. Totally got spanked by the Angels, but not to worry, we’ll bring it back next week.

828th [Photo of the Day] - Having some wine up in Napa after a bike ride along Silverado Trail, w/ @kitdesai, Arvind, Ravi, and @allkickstand

827th [Photo of the Day] - Etna Fantasy Football Draft at MetroMile

826th [Photo of the Day] - Buttered Popcorn or Buttered Popcorn Jelly Belly’s? These are the questions …

825th [Photo of the Day] - @pavyedav attempting the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

824th [Photo of the Day] - Mr. Business back in Business

823rd [Photo of the Day] - A local brew while I wait for the barber