845th [Photo of the Day] - About packed for The Lost Coast Trail … Hitting the pre-trip excitement right about now!

844th [Photo of the Day] - Really thought we had it … Next year I suppose.

843rd [Photo of the Day] - The Ingleside Terraces Sundial. Gotta say it’s in a really odd immediate neighborhood, but otherwise pretty neat.

842nd [Photo of the Day] - Al testing out a dehydrated ice cream sandwich during an REI visit, in preparation for … The Lost Coast Trail.

841st [Photo of the Day] - Goofing around

840th [Photo of the Day] - Just not the same company anymore …

839th [Photo of the Day] - Atop Hawk Hill. This ride just doesn’t get old.

838th [Photo of the Day] - One of the stops during a taco crawl in the Mission — La Taqueria, Metate, and El Farolito.

837th [Photo of the Day] - A present from Mothusi. Apparently Oakland is a very, very dense element.

836th [Photo of the Day] - At my first NFL game — Bears vs. Niners @ Levi’s Stadium w/ Prashant, Ravi, @pavyedav, and @allkickstand. Just an awesome experience all around. Shoutout to Snoop Dogg and Brandon Marshall.

835th [Photo of the Day] - Friday evening in the Mission

834th [Photo of the Day] - “You can check-out any time you like,
But you can never leave!”

833rd [Photo of the Day] - The view looking south from Arch Rock, Point Reyes w/ Michel, Michael, and Una

832nd [Photo of the Day] - Coffee and wine with @nrjjj and @pavyedav at Mojo Bicycle Cafe

831st [Photo of the Day] - Vivek and Sriranjani’s First Dance at Levi’s’ Stadium