730th [Photo of the Day] - The Jerry Cans — the most famous band native to Nunavut

729th [Photo of the Day] - Iceberg. Didn’t take this myself; it’s a picture of a picture. Need to head further north myself next time …

728th [Photo of the Day] - Dog sledding out on frozen over Frobisher Bay, Nunavut

727th [Photo of the Day] - A view of Iqaluit from above

726th [Photo of the Day] - Just met a guy whose 10 year old son took down a 10 foot polar bear last week. Also, that’s a BlackBerry. @allkickstand

724th [Photo of the Day] - The Arctic

723rd [Photo of the Day] - Garage’s about to order Tide on Google Shopping Express, while in a convenience store. #absurd

722nd [Photo of the Day] - Hmm

721st [Photo of the Day] - So clean … #2002

720th [Photo of the Day] - The Haystack aka Big Sky Country

719th [Photo of the Day] - Cake cutting for @alphabetenergy’s 5th Birthday!

718th [Photo of the Day] - I had no idea Diedrich’s Coffee was still around … The last one I remember going into was the one on PCH in Laguna, which has been converted into a Starbucks since. #nostalgia

717th [Photo of the Day] - The Future

716th [Photo of the Day] - Monterey Harbor

715th [Photo of the Day] - Typical Italian restaurant